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MISSION — ASC delivers career education, innovation collaboration, community knowledge sharing and a unified industry voice. Together, we accelerate the adoption of adhesives and sealants to strengthen our member businesses.

VISION STATEMENT —  Innovators secure the future with adhesives and sealants.

Since 1958, ASC has been a member-focused, member-driven organization.  In the early days, the Council focused 100% on regulatory issues, as the emerging industry began to have oversight under the EPA and other chemistry oriented agencies across the United States.  As the industry grew, changed and became even more dynamic, the needs of its members changed. 

To ensure that the Council stays 100% member-focused and member-driven, the Council formally reviews its Long Range Plan every three years.  In 2014, the Board of Directors adopted the following new Mission and Vision Statements, and put into place a three-year roadmap that will add value to membership via stronger educational programming, expanded market data sharing, providing access to innovative suppliers, proactive regulatory advocacy and growing the industry via an ongoing promotion campaign.

ASC has programs in place for CEOs and senior management, CTOs and technical R&D chemists, CMOs and marketing professionals, and all EH&S professionals within member companies.

Learn more about the great work ASC is delivering to its members by viewing the Long Range Plan – and contacting Steve Duren or Mike Newman – ASC’s Engagement Team, at or  

Long Range Plan

To support the Council’s Mission and Vision, the Council’s Board of Directors has adopted the following Long Range Plan: