Eastman: New Amorphous Polyolefin Adhesive Grades

Eastman Chemical Company will be launching new amorphous polyolefin (APO) product grades later in the year. The company expects to offer butene-free APO grades for the hygiene market and packaging materials. These adhesives will meet the market demand for low-odor and low temperature spray-ability in APO products. Eastman has been making upgrades and improvements at their Longview, TX plant to manage new production on these adhesives and deliver molten product to consumers. Eastman has a long history of reliable and high-quality APOs for hot melt adhesives, roofing and flooring, and the introduction of these new APOs is a targeted innovation effort, driven by market and customer demand. Abundant ethylene and propylene feedstock available means that Eastman can continue to innovate and bring customers cost-saving, high-quality adhesives in the coming years.