New Silicone Hot-Melt Adhesive to Be Showcased At SID Display Week

Dow Corning® will be showcasing their new EA-4600 HM RTV Black UV silicone hot-melt adhesive at SID Display Week. EA-4600 HM RTV Black UV adhesive is designed for electronic device assemblies. This adhesive is particularly attractive for its re-workability, instant green strength, long open time, long pot life and reliability. EA-4600 HM RTV Black UV is a reactive adhesive that can be applied as a liquid in very thin (less than 0.5 mm) lines. At room temperature, it rapidly cools and cures to form a viscoelastic polymer with strong, flexible, primerless adhesion to plastics and metals. As the demand for smart electronics increases, designs favor water resistant, narrow bezels, and EA-4600 HM RTV Black UV provides a cost effective solution for creating those joints. It also offers durable protection against water, chemicals and dust to enhance the reliability and performance of electronics. EA-4600 HM RTV Black UV incorporates ultraviolet (UV) markers for automated inspection of finished parts. More information about this and other Dow Corning Electronics Solutions can be found here.