ASC Membership FAQs

How are the dues calculated?

We use a formula to calculate annual dues. Dues are based on company sales in North America based on its most recent fiscal year. Each company reports those sales confidentially to the ASC and we apply that number to dues brackets that have been established that range from sales of less than $500,000 to over $600 million. Corporate dues are then calculated based on these reported sales relative to these brackets.

What if my company is both a manufacturer of adhesives/sealants and a raw material supplier?

ASC asks that companies combine their sales of all industry related products for the purposes of calculating one's dues. Typically, such companies apply as Manufacturer Members in this case because this member classes does afford a few additional benefits over other member classes.

What types of benefits?

  • ASC's Economy Watch:  A condensed e-publication that summarizes key metrics for the US market
  • Nine Sigma R & D Leads: RFPs that are focused on sealing solutions and sent to ASC members for consideration
  • End User Sales Leads: Inquiries that come from the end user market that are sent to ASC members in a specification format
  • Discounted costs on ASC Academy Training Sessions: Discounted rates to participate in the fundamentals of learning about adhesives and sealants
  • Priority on video placements on on ASC TV: Increase awareness of best practices with adhesives and sealants
  • Access to data: Discounted rates on ASC's market reports.
  • Advertising Opportunities: A listing on the ASC Vendor Select tool with the option to expand your company's listing with a banner ad.  This listing appears on both and

Do dues vary by membership class?

Yes, Manufacturer and Supplier member dues are based on the same schedule. Affiliate members (i.e. adhesive/sealant distributors, consultants and non-North American business entities) are based on a different schedule.

Does the ASC lobby?

The ASC does not lobby. Many trade associations do lobby, in fact that is their main reason for existence. We have relationships with associations that do lobby and work with them to further an issue on Capital Hill if the need arises. The ASC strives to be an industry advocate and coalition builder and one of our core capabilities is monitoring government regulations for our members. We closely monitor and report to our members' industry issues from a regulatory standpoint that may have an impact on their operations. We do work with regulatory bodies as the voice of the industry to make opinions known when regulations are being drafted.

Why should a raw material supplier be a member?

From a business development standpoint, this is the one membership a raw material supplier should have. With most of the large adhesive manufacturers represented in the ASC membership, our conventions and networking functions provide a forum for face-to-face interaction with these customers or prospects. We also provide a three hour EXPO at each of our conventions which gives each supplier the opportunity to showcase their products to all of the attending manufacturer representatives. This is the only show of its kind in the country.

Can individuals join the ASC?

Membership in the ASC is a corporate membership with every employee of a member company given membership benefits. In this way each individual can select those activities that are most important to them to become involved in.

Is the ASC just for technical people?

The ASC membership has many benefits for all employees of a member company irrespective of job function. We have programs, courses webinars and committees that technical as well as business staff will gain from and it also does not matter whether you are in senior management or just getting started. There is something for everyone on the professional as well as the personal level.

Who is in your association?

The ASC is a true representation of the industry as our membership is made up of large, medium and small adhesive manufacturers and raw material suppliers. These companies range from the family owned businesses to the multinational conglomerates. ASC members account for more than 75% of the aggregate industry revenues, exceeding some $6 billion annually.

How is ASC governed? 

A 20 member Board of Directors governs the ASC and provides strategic guidance and vision. Directors represent a mix of Manufacturer and Supplier members, both large and small. Each Director serves a three-year term, which can be renewed.

How can I get involved in Council activities?

There are many ways to participate, ranging from convention planning committees, government relations task forces, technical committees, peer groups, and much more.

Does ASC have chapters around the world?

No, the ASC's only office is in suburban Washington, DC. ASC does maintain relations with other international associations in regions such as Europe, Asia and Latin America, but these organizations are not formally affiliations.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Adhesive and Sealant Council. To start the membership process, please complete the membership information request form so the appropriate membership kit, including sales declaration (fee schedule), can be sent to you. Please refer to the definitions in Member Categories if you are unsure of your classification.

If you have questions regarding ASC membership, please contact Steve Duren at (301) 986-9700 ext. 105.